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Sarah has written countless resources on sewing, patternmaking, fitting, and design over the years in an effort to get much-needed information to fellow sewers. In addition to her recent book, she has contributed numerous articles, garments, and answers to readers' questions for a number of publications including THREADS magazine, Vogue Patterns Magazine, SewNews (forthcoming), Cranston Village, the ASDP newsletter Perspectives, and the HSA newsletter Sew-lutions. Links to online versions and adaptations have been provided where possible.

  • "Improved Pants Fitting." Threads> March 2018, Number 195.
    Reference lines tell you where and how to adjust the crotch curve.

  • "Set-in Sleeve Solutions." Threads> September 2017, Number 192.
    Innovative adjustments refine the fit and style.

  • "How to Drape Bust Darts." Threads> November 2016, Number 187.
    For a personalized fit, shape fabric on body.

  • "Design a Rolled Collar." Threads January 2016, Number 182.
    Cover article. Make a basic pattern, then revise it for new styles.

  • "Planning to Make Your Own Wedding Gown: What to know before you embark on the journey." Vogue Patterns Jun. 2013, Number 313.

  • "Question and Answer." Threads May 2013, Number 166.
    Help for Rounded Shoulders: How do I take out the fullness in the back neckline?
  • "The Best of Threads Fitting." Threads Spring 2013.
    The Perfect Sleeve: Start with two simple measurements and correct the sleeve cap.
  • "Question and Answer." Threads Jan. 2013, Number 164.
    Fit Wide Short Sleeves for a Thin Arm: Why do patternmakers make sleeves so wide?
  • "Finding Satisfaction in Alterations." Perspectives Fall 2012.

  • "Custom Clothing and Other Business Opportunities." Perspectives April 2012.

  • The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting. Minneapolis: Creative Publishing International, 2012.
    A comprehensive foundational text for learning to fit garments using muslins.

  • "Pressing for Shape." Threads May 2011, Number 154.
    Using an iron to mold seams and fabric.
  • "Question and Answer." Threads Jan. 2011, Number 152.
    How do I make a straight-cut blouse pattern more fitted in the bust? Add a bust dart.
  • "Question and Answer." Threads Jul. 2010, Number 149.
    How do I sew couture-quality seams on silk and viscose jersey fabric? Finishes for Fine Knit Seams.

  • "Secrets for Sewing Knits." PatternReview.com 1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips: Top-Rated Favorites from Sewing Fans and Master Teachers. Creative Publishing: Quayside, 2010.

  • "Chiseled Chic." Threads Nov. 2009, Number 145.
    Four designers share their approach to adding dimension and shape to a garment.
  • "Blue on Blue Knit Evening Gown." Threads May 2009, Number 141.
    Featured after winning Most Successful Overall in the Threads/ASDP Fluid Fabrics Challenge.
  • "The Inside Scoop on Hollywood Waists." Threads May 2008, Number 136.
    Last year, waistlines were low. This year, they're up, up,up!
  • "Question and Answer." Threads Jan. 2007, Number 128.
    Question on adapting patterns to compensate for lack of stretch in a knit fabric.
  • "Silk Organza: Light-Weight "Workhorse"." Sew-lutions Aug. 2006.

  • "Sewing with White and Off-White Fabrics." Sew-lutions Jul. 2006.

  • "Fabric Colors and Skin Tones." Sew-lutions May. 2006.

  • "Choosing the Best "White" Color." Sew-lutions Apr. 2006.

  • "Fashion and Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2006." Sew-lutions Mar. 2006.

  • "Tips for Stitching Set-In Sleeves." Sew-lutions Feb. 2006.

  • "Measuring the Amount of Ease in a Sleeve Cap: How to "Walk" a Sleeve Pattern." Sew-lutions Jan. 2006.

  • "Set-in Sleeves." Sew-lutions Dec. 2005.

  • "Sewing Basics: Factors to Consider when Laying Out a Pattern." Cranston Village Nov. 2005.

  • "Working with Napped and Piled Fabrics - Sewing Tips." Sew-lutions Nov. 2005.

  • "Working with Napped and Piled Fabrics." Sew-lutions Nov. 2005.

  • "Sewing Basics: Accuracy and Control." Cranston Village Sept. 2005.

  • "Fall/Winter 2005/06 Fashion and Color Trends." Sew-lutions Sept. 2005.

  • "Sewing Points and Outward Curves." Cranston Village Aug. 2005.

  • "Sewing Basics: Helpful Stitching Techniques." Cranston Village Jul. 2005.

  • "Working with Slippery Fabrics." Cranston Village Jul. 2005.

  • "Silk Fabrics - Terminology." Sew-lutions Jun. 2005.

  • "Sewing Basics: Fabric Grainline." Cranston Village May 2005.

  • "Spring/Summer 2005 Fashion and Color Trends." Sew-lutions May 2005.

  • "How to Fit a Perfect Sleeve." Threads May 2005, Number 118.
    It all starts with two simple measurements and some adjusting of the sleeve cap.
  • "To Get the Right Armhole, Fit the Bodice." Threads Mar. 2005, Number 117.
    Use a muslin to adjust bust, back, and shoulder, and your armhole almost takes care of itself.
  • "Sewing Basics: Cutting Tools and Tips." Cranston Village Mar. 2005.

  • "Reduce Bulk in Your Sewing Projects for Better Results - Part II: Planning Projects and Garments." Sew-lutions Mar. 2005.

  • "Reduce Bulk in Your Sewing Projects for Better Results - Part I: Controlling Seam Allowances." Sew-lutions Feb. 2005.

  • "Sewing Basics: Needles and Threads." Cranston Village Jan. 2005.

  • "Fleece: Sewing Tips." Sew-lutions Dec. 2004.

  • "Fleece: What's this fabric all about?" Sew-lutions Nov. 2004.

  • "Difficult Sewing Situations: Hand Basting Can Save the Day!." Sew-lutions Oct. 2004.

  • "Fall 2004/Winter 2005 Fashion Trends." Sew-lutions Sept. 2004.

  • "The Relationship Between Button Size & Buttonhole Placement." Sew-lutions Aug. 2004.

  • "Unraveling Textile Terminology - Part II." Sew-lutions Jul. 2004.

  • "Exploring Chinese Silk-Faced Brocades." Threads Jul. 2004, Number 113.
    These dressy Asian fabrics offer a lot of everyday western style.
  • "Classic Hand-Sewn Hems." Cranston Village July 2004.

  • "Playing with Design: Waistlines." Threads May 2004, Number 112.
    Add panache to skirts and pants by enhancing the waistband or facing.
  • "Unraveling Textile Terminology - Part I." Sew-lutions May 2004.

  • "Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2004 - Fresh, Feminine, and Fun." Sew-lutions Apr. 2004.

  • "Easy Tip for Great-Looking Machine Buttonholes." Sew-lutions Mar. 2004.

  • "Tube Scarf." Sew-lutions Feb. 2004.

  • "Straight-of-Grain Waistband Made Easy." Cranston Village April 2004.

  • "Sit Down & Get Ready to Sew." Sew-lutions Jan. 2004.

  • "Playing with Design: Straight Skirts." Threads Jan. 2004, Number 110.
    Two simple strategies for using flaps of fabric to very a basic skirt pattern.
  • "Fitting a Straight Skirt." Threads Jan. 2004, Number 110.
    Featured Fitting column.
  • "Machine Sewing: Choosing the best way to secure first and last stitches." Sew-lutions Dec. 2003.

  • "Facings." Cranston Village Nov. 2003.

  • "Sewing Beautiful Darts." Sew-lutions Nov. 2003.

  • "Fashion, Fabric, and Color Trends for Fall 2003/Winter 2004." Sew-lutions Oct. 2003.

  • "Facings Made Easy." Threads Sept. 2003, Number 108.
    Featured Basics column.
  • "Pressing: An Essential Step when Sewing Apparel." Cranston Village Sept. 2003.

  • "What Size Pattern Should I Buy?" Sew-lutions Sept. 2003.

  • "The World of Interfacing." Cranston Village Aug. 2003.

  • "Pressing - Why is it so Important?" Sew-lutions Aug. 2003.

  • "Dressing with Summertime Fashions." Sew-lutions Jul. 2003.

  • "Sewing Summer Apparel." Cranston Village Jun. 2003.

  • "Grainline - Why is it so important?" Sew-lutions Jun. 2003.

  • "Neckline Finishes for Knits." Threads May 2003, Number 106.
    Creating smooth, professional-looking edges that stretch. View online extras: neckline binding for knits video, and turtleneck finish for knits video.
  • "Easy Add-on Embellishments for Throw Pillows." Sew-lutions May 2003.

  • "Keeping Sewing Projects Organized." Sew-lutions Apr. 2003.

  • "Pattern Envelopes - What Does All That Information Mean?" Sew-lutions Mar. 2003.

  • "Sewing by Hand: The Catch Stitch." Sew-lutions Feb. 2003.

  • "Spring 2003 Fashion Trends." Sew-lutions Jan. 2003.

  • "Sewing Jackets from Knits." Threads Mar. 2002, Number 99.
    A fitted jacket made in a knit fabric offers both style and comfort.
  • "Know Your Knits." Threads Nov. 2001, Number 97.
    This guide to the confusing world of knit fabrics will help you select a knit with confidence.
  • THREADS editors. "Exploring Design! The RS/WS Wool Challenge." Threads Nov. 2001, Number 97.
    Sarah contributed the long vest featured in the article.
  • Jenab, Blossom, and Kate Rittenhouse. "Copying Complex Garments." Threads Jan. 2001, Number 92.
    Sarah contributed the blue silk jacket featured in the article.
  • Betzina, Sandra, and THREADS editors. "Mohair for the Millennium." Threads Nov. 2000, Number 91.
    Sarah contributed the mohair dress featured in the article.
  • "Fabric Shopping With a Pro." Threads Sept. 2000, Number 90.
    Simplify making decisions at the fabric store by systematically comparing swatches.
  • "Exploring Design: THREADS Design Challenge IV." Threads Jul. 2000, Number 89.
    Sarah was one of three designers asked to participate in Design Challenge IV.
  • "Oops! Not Enough Fabric?." Threads May 2000, Number 88.
    Keep a cool head and try these strategies to save the day.
  • Lee, Linda. "Convertable Garments." ThreadsMay 2000, Number 88.
    Sarah contributed the Java Jacket with removable sleeves.
  • "Tips: Magnificent Miters." ThreadsNov. 1999, Number 85.
    How to create beautifully mitered corners.
  • "Sheers See the Light of Day." Threads Sept. 1999, Number 84.
    Transparent fabrics step off the dance floor and become wardrobe workhorses.
  • "Draft Your Own Sarong Pants." (cover photo) Threads Jul. 1999, Number 83.
    Combine the drape of a sarong skirt with the utility of pants.

  • "'Start With A Square' Hat Challenge" Threads May 1999, Number 82.
    Invited to submit a hat (photo in article).
  • "Wool Gauze: Featherweight and Fabulous." Threads Mar. 1999, Number 81.
    It has all the virtues of wool, drapes like a dream, and can be worn year-round.
  • "Question and Answer." Threads Nov. 1998, Number 79.
    Fitting gaping necklines.
  • "What Makes 'Basic' Patterns Basic?" Threads Sept. 1998, Number 78.
    With slightly varied details and fitting tweaks, a single basic pattern suits almost any body type.
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