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Fit and patternmaking are so closely linked, it's just about impossible to explore one subject without bringing the other topic into the discussion. For example, any change to the fit of a garment is going to require some sort of pattern adjustment if you want to be able to reproduce the garment. And pattern adjustments are much more successful if you take into consideration the figure that will be wearing the garment.

If you enjoy garment sewing, understanding the basics of patternmaking will give you the freedom to confidently make pattern changes. Being able to make pattern changes means that you can pursue a better fitting garment as well as your own design ideas.

This 5-hour class is a combination of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on pattern exercises. You will learn basic patternmaking skills such as blending seam lines, truing pattern seams, truing dart legs, and making length and width adjustments. In addition, I will demonstrate how to transfer fitting changes from a test garment to a pattern. And I will share the tips I use that prevent confusion and ensure success.

For more information and questions about class content, please feel free to get in touch with me:

Sarah Veblen
15 Cross Falls Circle
Sparks, MD 21152
e-mail: sarah@sarahveblen.com

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