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Have you ever wondered why clothing made from knit fabrics moved from weekends and the workout room into our daily lives? When you look at knit garments in the store or in a catalog, do some catch your eye while others are "just there"? Have you noticed that some of your knit clothing sits in the dresser drawer, but you're always reaching for others?

Knit garments are here to stay because they're easy to care for, they don't tend to wrinkle, and they are so comfortable to wear.

This three-day class will give you the opportunity to explore knits how to recognize and choose knits, how to sew them to get good results, and how to design with knits. You will leave the class with a basic T-shirt pattern that fits, as well as a close-fitting bodysuit or camisole pattern, and a notebook of ideas and techniques on how to make knit garments look terrific. Mornings will usually be devoted to lecture and discussion, and afternoons will generally involve more hands-on tasks.

Day 1: Recognizing different knit fabrics and knit structures. Inherent stretch properties of knits in comparison to the addition of spandex. The use of darts and other fitting style lines in knits. Matching knit fabrics to different garment styles.

Day 2: Techniques for knit fabrics: stay taping; judging the length of self-fabric bands/cuffs; hemming; finishing options; applying trims.

Day3: Using your basic patterns with different knit fabrics. Easy pattern variations to make. Designing with knits. Selecting commercial patterns for a knit fabric, including what size to choose.

About a month before class, I will send you:
  • A detailed supply list
  • A set of instructions for preparing the first mock-ups of your T-shirt and close-fitting bodysuit or camisole, including pattern suggestions. (I would like you to arrive with these completed so we can utilize class time for fitting and fine-tuning your patterns.)
  • 2 yards of cotton interlock knit and 2 yards of cotton/lycra for your first mock-ups. (This is included in your registration fee.) Since knit fabrics vary to a great degree, I do prefer that you use the fabrics I send you for your initial mock-ups, which will facilitate my fitting each of you. These fabrics will be available at a reasonable cost during class if you want to purchase more.

Please Note: If you already have a T-shirt pattern and/or close-fitting bodysuit/ camisole, Ill be happy to work with you on additional patterns and styles that you are interested in developing. In this case, I still recommend making the mock-ups so that we can use these to pin/draw style lines while developing other designs.

For more information and questions, please feel free to get in touch with me:

Sarah Veblen
15 Cross Falls Circle
Sparks, MD 21152
e-mail: sarah@sarahveblen.com

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