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Have you stopped sewing because you are frustrated with how things fit you? This workshop offers a great opportunity to work individually with me to get your favorite pattern fitted, to get your sewing challenges addressed, and to sew with others who share your passion.

Fitting is a process: the sewer mocks up a pattern in a stable fabric (a muslin); I help you fit the muslin; the sewer marks the pinning and adjustments, then transfers the marks to the paper pattern, makes the pattern adjustments with my help; and then sews a new muslin in preparation for another fitting. For most people, it takes at least two muslins and sometimes as many as four or five to get a pattern to fit perfectly. In a 3-day workshop, its realistic to come away with one perfected pattern, and perhaps two. Detailed instructions for preparing your first muslin will be provided well in advance so you can prepare for the workshop.

I will give a short lecture/demonstration each morning to explain the concepts involved in moving from a three-dimensional garment to a two-dimensional flat pattern. These topics include:

  • Transferring fitting markings accurately to the paper pattern.
  • Truing and blending seam lines.
  • Obtaining attractive pattern lines.
  • Using your fashion ruler with finesse.
  • Making basic design changes to your pattern.

I conduct regular sewing and fitting workshops and have a great deal of experience balancing the needs of all the participants. When working with someone individually, I will tell the group what I'm about to talk about or demonstrate if I feel that others might also be interested. There is also much to be learned from observing as I fit other workshop participants.

For more information and questions, please feel free to get in touch with me:

Sarah Veblen
15 Cross Falls Circle
Sparks, MD 21152
e-mail: sarah@sarahveblen.com

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