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Have you ever wondered why clothing made from knit fabrics moved from weekends and the workout room into our daily lives? When you look at knit garments in the store or in a catalog, do some catch your eye while others are "just there"? Have you noticed that some of your knit clothing sits in the dresser drawer, but you're always reaching for others?

Knit garments are here to stay because they're easy to care for, they don't tend to wrinkle, and they are so comfortable to wear. And sewers have increasing access to all kinds of interesting knits. But what do you do with all of these fascinating fabrics?

This 3-day class will give you the opportunity to explore knits with a focus on design. We'll discuss how to utilize the characteristics of knit fabrics when developing a design, and how to select the appropriate knit fabric. We'll also study details that make knit garments look interesting and distinctive. Participants will compile a variety of sketches and design ideas, as well as work on one or two muslins. And we'll discuss sewing techniques that will help make your designs successful. The mornings will generally be devoted to lecture and discussion. Afternoons will give you time for hands-on work, during which I will work with you individually.

Please note that this is an intermediate class. I recommend moderate to extensive experience in working with knits, my hands-on class "Getting Comfortable with Knits," or my on-line Pattern Review class "Understanding Knit Fabrics" as a prerequisite to taking this class.

Following is an outline of how we’ll spend our days:

Day 1: Review of different knit fabrics, the inherent stretch properties of knits, and the addition of spandex. How to utilize these qualities when designing garments. Matching knit fabrics to different garment styles. Developing designs, pattern work, fitting, and sewing.

Day 2: The use of darts and other fitting style lines for knits. Developing distinctive details. Judging how different knit fabrics would affect one design. Selecting commercial patterns for a knit fabric, including what size to choose. Developing designs, pattern work, fitting, and sewing.

Day 3: Selecting the "right" knit. Sewing techniques to use on knits: stay taping, making bands and cuffs, hems and finishing options, applying trims.

Prior to class, I'm happy to talk with you about a specific garment design that you would like to work on if you would like to bring a prepared mock-up to class. About a month before class, I will send a complete supply list.

For more information and questions, please feel free to get in touch with me:

Sarah Veblen
15 Cross Falls Circle
Sparks, MD 21152
e-mail: sarah@sarahveblen.com

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