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What's the difference between an ensemble that is appealing and one that is stunning? Why do some garments - despite beautiful fabric, proper fit, and good sewing techniques - fall short of being breathtaking? Why do some women look overpowered and stiff in their clothes while others look comfortable and graceful? What is it that really happens to push clothing into that "absolutely exquisite" category?

This 6-day class explores the elements of design, especially in relation to fashion, clothing, and building a wardrobe. No prior sewing, design, or drawing knowledge is required.

Mornings are devoted to lecture, discussion, and exercises that explore the design process. There will be some afternoon exercises, but you will also have time to work on your own project(s) and to work with me individually. Following is how we'll spend our days:

Day 1: Evolution of personal style. Define your style, explore design elements, and create a suitable fashion croquis for sketching design ideas.

Day 2: Design and the creative process. Explore the creative process itself, continue to study design elements, and sketch garment ideas.

Day 3: Fabrication and color. Study fabrics and colors, including how to manipulate them so that the "work" for you (or someone else).

Day 4: Exploration of fabrics. Trip to A Fabric Place to work on fabric exercises and to collect swatches, followed by group discussion.

Day 5: Fabrication and design. Combine fabrics and colors with design ideas, and explore the power of trims and embellishments.

Day 6: Pulling it all together. Design an outfit or "mix-and-match" ensemble utilizing the processes learned in the first five days.

By the end of the week, participants will have quite a number of interesting wardrobe concepts that work for their figure and lifestyle. Students will discover that they can "push" their ideas into new territory and are able to explore styles and fabrics they have never seriously considered before.

During individual time in previous sessions, some students concentrate on the design process, developing well thought out garment concepts and design details. Others like to concentrate on how to implement a design or two in terms of the pattern development. While I am happy to help finesse necklines and give fitting suggestions, the focus of this class is on implementing design ideas, not on fitting.

Many potential students balk at the idea of sketching. This is not a fashion illustration class. However, sketches - think of them as working drawings - are an invaluable tool that allows you to visualize and test design ideas. It's easy to learn to do this!

Registrants will receive a detailed supply list about a month before the class begins.

From former Design I students:

"Sarah Veblen's Design I class has truly opened up the world of sewing for me. I've learned a great deal about fashion and the types of styles that best flatter my figure. I've also learned how to take ideas from the runway, TV, magazines, etc. and translate them into garments I can make myself. Priceless!" - Ruth S.

"The things I learned in this class have taken my design abilities from just reproducing what's shown on the pattern to producing a look that is cohesive, eye-catching and professional. Plus with the techniques I learned, I save a lot of time by eliminating unnecessary steps! Sarah puts a lot of effort into her teaching, and her classes are well worth the investment." - Rayna Scarlet

"Confession time. I have taken Sarah's Design I three times. Could be that I am a slow learner, but in fact, I learn something new each time; I develop new interests in fabrics, colors and styles that I previously thought weren't me; and I foster new and continued friendships with other sewists. Would I take the class a fourth time? You bet! There is always more to learn, and my interests continue to grow." - Joyce Jones

For more information and questions, please feel free to get in touch with me:

Sarah Veblen
15 Cross Falls Circle
Sparks, MD 21152
e-mail: sarah@sarahveblen.com

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