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This selection of high-quality fabrics comes from my own collection over the years. I have more fabric than I'll ever be able to sew, and I want to spend my sewing time on fabric that really speaks to me now - and I also want the same for you. While I've given you a suggestion or two about garment types in case it sparks your imagination, these fabrics are just waiting for you to bring them to life with your own ideas. I really want to see these fabrics in someone's hands who will use and enjoy them, so I've set the prices very reasonably. I hope you find a gem that you can't wait to get sewing on.

Visit this page frequently! We'll be offering more selections on a regular basis, including great fabrics for pants and skirts. I'll post on my Facebook page whenever new fabrics have been added, so please like the Sarah Veblen Clothing Originals page to stay up to date on fabrics I'm offering from my collection.

For the newest additions, jump to the bottom of this page.

Buying Fabrics

All fabrics from Sarah's Collection are sold by the piece, and only the one cut is available. Buy any 3 fabrics, and your shipping will be just $7.00 - we'll refund you the difference you're charged after you check out. For more details on shipping calculations, please see our shipping and return policies. Please contact the store manager, Marcie (marcie@sarahveblen.com) with any questions about ordering.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger swatch. Please be aware that most computer monitors do not display colors 100% accurately. These images are intended to be a reference, not a color matching guide. Returns will not be accepted unless it is flawed or damaged.

To order, clicking "Add to Cart" will put the fabric into your shopping cart. Please do not alter the quantity in the shopping cart as only the one cut of fabric is available for each item.

Wool Herringbone

3 yards, 60" wide

This classic herringbone gets its pizzazz from the combination of a beautiful olive green and a tan with strong gold undertones. The surface of the fabric feels wonderfully soft and inviting (the complete opposite of a scratchy wool tweed). I'd call it mid-weight, but edging significantly towards lightweight. In the 1990s, I'd have made a skirt and vest, but with the soft hand of the fabric, I now keep picturing a jacket with a peplum or a pretty pleat.


$54.00 for piece

Crushed Velvet - Unknown Fiber

2-1/4 yards, 30" wide

This fabric feels divine and just asks to be pet. It's a rich warm beige with a pinky brown undertone, and it would make an adorable shrug, or edgy skirt, or....?


$26.00 for piece

Lightweight Ultrasuede

1-3/4 yards, 46" wide

Lightweight Ultrasuede is thinner, softer, and more pliable than standard Ultrasuede. I think of this piece as rich butter yellow, not quite as tan as your typical chamois that you'd clean a car with. Remember, Ultrasuede is machine washable, so no need to hesitate due to the light color. Skirt with just a little flip at the hem, a dynamite shell or blouse...hmmmm, so many possibilities!


$69.00 for piece

Cotton Twill

1-5/8 yards, 60" wide

A classic cotton twill on the soft and light-weight end of the bottom-weight spectrum. It's perfect for pants, skirt, or sheath dress. It's pre-washed, and the mustard color is muted enough that it reads as a neutral color. It looks terrific with fabric #31.


$10.00 for piece

Brocade with Stunning Motif

1-5/8 yards, 51" wide

The face of this fabric has a midnight navy ground with bold deep gold floral and geometric motifs...and an occasional flash of bright green and metallic gold in a small floral motif. The back of the fabric is, of course, the opposite, with an occasional bright green and metallic gold stripe. The fabric is surprisingly thin (not at all bulky) with a hint of crispness. I got the fabric for an evening skirt, but I think it would be fascinating to make a jacket using both the face and the back of the fabric. Fiber content is unknown, but as with many brocades of this beautiful quality, I suspect it's a rayon blend.


$29.00 for piece

Scarf-Length Dusty Blue Silk with Automotive Design

3/4 Yards, 44" wide

I bought this to make boxers for my auto-shop-owner son-in-law, but would rather put my time elsewhere now (especially his two cute little daughters!). There are two scarf-lengths each measuring 22" long, with two places on each scarf blank that says "Harley Davidson V Twin." This would make a whimsical scarf or shell blouse with how beautiful the blue color is. And of course perfect for any Harley Davidson owner! Pre-washed.


$8.00 for piece

Floral Brocade

7/8 Yards, 55" wide

Some of you might recognize this piece of rayon brocade - I made a jacket out of it that has a purple suede collar that can be swapped out for periwinkle fur pompoms. Since it's wide, there's enough for a skirt. I love the combination of clear deep purple, periwinkle blue, and hints of muted orange in the flowers.


$8.00 for piece

Plaid Bouclé

2-1/2 Yards, 58" wide

The epitome of spring! The primary colors are clear (but not stark) white, and a soft lavendery-pink, with hints of aqua and pink. Oh my, this description of the colors sounds garish, but it's really so delicate and pretty. It's perfect for a lightweight jacket, and appropriate for a French-style jacket. Fiber content is likely a rayon blend.


$34.00 for piece

Ivory Jacquard with Raised Floral Motif

4-1/4 Yards, 57" wide

Although this fabric looks quilted, it is actually a type of brocade or jacquard. The floral motif adds a lovely visual interest. While the fabric has a nice amount of body, it is still quite pliable and not at all stiff. Perfect for a coat or jacket. I'm not positive of the fiber content, but I suspect it's cotton.


$32.00 for piece

Black burnout chiffon with blue charmeuse flowers

2 Yards, 57" wide

I love blue and black together! And this blue is especially nice, a kind of deep cobalt heading towards periwinkle. An added bonus to me is the selvage has a black fringe-like effect that could be incorporated. It is high quality polyester with a tiny bit more structure than silk burnout chiffons, but it's not at all stiff. A blouse, skirt, or dress lined or underlined would be lovely, or even a casual style top worn over a tank or tee. Pre-washed.


$14.00 for piece

Burgundy and black tweed

2-1/4 Yards, 57" wide

Even though this tweed is dark-colored, the lighter red- and almost blush-colored flecks give it so much life! Looking at the fabric, you would think the fabric is wool, but it's probably cotton, and it is nice to the touch (not scratchy). The fabric holds its shape without being stiff and would make a fantastic pair of pants, skirt, jacket and/or sheath dress.


$22.00 for piece

Wool Flannel Off-White and Peach Plaid

1-1/4 Yards, 54" wide

Touch this fabric, and you'll want to wrap yourself up in it. I believe it's mostly wool with a little spandex in the cross grain (4" stretches to 4-3/8", with total recovery), but I'm not certain of the fiber content. I am certain, however, that it's oh-so cozy! Beautiful soft winter white with a warm tan plaid. How about a new warm jacket or cape to finish out the cooler months?


$18.00 for piece

Golden Brown Melton-Type Coating

2-1/8 Yards, 58" wide

Another supremely soft-to-the-touch fabric. On the thick side, but not at all stiff. The color totally draws your eye in - a delicious warm brown, with greenish-gold undertones. It does not fray at all, so it's possible to leave the edges raw; and because of that, it probably sheds water nicely like other felted-type wools. It would look fabulous with one cut edge simply laid on top of the other and held together with topstitching (think Austrian Loden jacket). Ideal for a jacket or cape.


$42.00 for piece

Black Basket-Weave Wool

3-1/8 Yards, 56" wide

Even though the weave provides lots of beautiful texture, this fabric is soft to the touch. It's not a tight weave, but it's also not so loosely woven that it will fall apart on you once you cut out your garment sections. It's a good true black. There's enough texture that you could make a French-style jacket (i.e. the quilting threads would disappear nicely). But the possibilities are wide open: jacket, dress, and there's even enough yardage for a coat.


$36.00 for piece

Please contact the store manager, Marcie (marcie@sarahveblen.com), with any questions about ordering.

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